The Different Kinds of Awnings

Awnings come in several sizes and shapes, and you can choose to match its colors with their detached relatives – tent, umbrella and cabana. When looking for residential awnings in Connecticut, there is a horde of styles, options, designs, fabrics and colors available.

Awnings now look elegant, are more affordable and are maintenance free. There are thousands of fabric selections from the sublime and serene to the traditional and bold. They come in nautical stripes, paisleys, plaids, chenille and brocade types, fade resistant solids and bold floral prints. Even though these are synthetic, they resemble exotic or fine textiles.

Here are just some of the various awning styles in the market. These consist of the following:

– Lateral arm or retractable awnings are typically used on aggregate, brick or stone decks or patios. You can manually or automatically retract or extend it to offer the ultimate protection from inclement weather or the scorching sun. On the other hand, you can control motorized awnings just by pushing a button or using sensors to retract or deploy it automatically.

– A full canopy is a fixed kind of awning supported by over one stanchion at the canopy’s outer end. Meanwhile, the other side of the canopy stays fixed on the outside wall of the house or cottage. They offer a more stable component compared to the retractable awning.

– The traditional awning features a triangle on the side that can be or cannot be wrapped in fabric, which is why it can have one or three sides. You can use it on smaller windows and offer protection over bigger parts, like patios, storefronts, decks and porches.

– You can typically find dome-shaped awnings over small windows or entryways, and you can even use it over archways. It offers similar protection from the rain, sun and wind on every angle caused by its quarter-sphere shape.

When you finally want to get awnings, choose an awning supplier that can offer you several ideas and choices available for any budget. They will assist you in searching for the perfect awning for your home.

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