The Design Concepts that Make Small Rooms Look Spacious

Room RenovationWhen tenants are looking for a good apartment, they consider the size of its rooms. Although you may have constructed an apartment with small rooms to cut on construction cost, you can still make them look spacious. Normally, small rooms look and feel uncomfortable and confining.

Gardner Vaughan Group reveals that notable residential apartment developers know the design concepts that fool the eyes of prospective tenants or buyers and make the rooms look more spacious.

Light Colours and Exclusive Contrasts

According to most apartment developers, rooms with light colours usually look brighter and spacious. Rooms with bright and light walls have more airy and open spaces because such walls are quite more reflective. With reflective walls, the effect the natural light creates is greatly maximised. Dark colours usually absorb light and this makes the rooms look smaller. Soft tones of off-green, blue and white make the rooms look brighter. Brighter rooms do not only look spacious, but also inviting.


When natural light gets inside a room, its interiors open up, making it look larger. Lighting fixtures would effectively add some creative lighting effects in an apartment that can’t access much natural light. If the apartment can access sufficient natural light, larger windows would bring more of it into the rooms and connect the outdoors with the rooms. Pulling the sheer window coverings back completely would allow in more light and make the rooms look spacious.

Cutting the Clutter

A big room with much staff would feel cramped and look small. A space feels open and orderly once things are neatly arranged and probably out of sight. One can’t find a notable difference between a small room and cluttered room. Walls with different small paintings and too many pictures make the rooms look smaller. A sense of spaciousness comes when you minimise decor, arrange furniture well, remove large rugs and keep the floor clear.

It’s now clear that one must not construct an apartment with bigger rooms to make them look spacious. One can use great design concepts to make the existing rooms look bigger than they really are. What is of great essence to most tenants is not the actual size of the rooms of a 3-bedroom apartment in Brisbane, but the illusion that such design concepts create to the tenants’ eyes.

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