Things You Should Never Do to Your Upholstery

Professional CleanersUpholstery is delicate to handle especially when it comes to cleaning. There are do’s and don’ts that must be observed for excellence. You need to consider different aspects of the upholstery including its fabric and wood or metal. If you want to have your upholstery serve you longer without looking faded and tired then the following four things must be avoided at all costs.

Failing to hire professional cleaners

It is important to hire professional commercial upholstery cleaners if you want the best results, says Allbrite Services Ltd. It is possible for you to clean your upholstery well but you will never do it as well as a professional would. Some materials are delicate to handle and may require special cleaning detergents that you have no idea of.

Do not try to eliminate stubborn stains on your own. Invest in a good professional upholstery cleaner. The extra cash you pay will save you a whole lot more money on replacing an expensive sofa or dining set.

Not considering the types of fabric

Different upholsteries are made of different materials. Make sure that you know the kind of material you are dealing with. This will guide you on the type of solvent to use. Some materials require dry cleaning and may spoil when handled with any form of solvent.

Not understanding the composition of the cleaning solvent

Cleaning solvents are made of harsh chemicals. Find out the material that your upholstery is made of. Any ammonia-filled detergent destroys wooden finish thus should be avoided. Always inquire from experts the best cleaning detergents to use.

Not knowing the basics’ you need to know that rubber should not be placed directly on wood. Avoid placing hot dishes on wooden upholstery as this interferes with the finish. Furniture should be kept away from direct sunlight to minimize discoloration. You need to understand these basic factors in order to advise clients accordingly.

Cleaning upholstery is more than vacuuming and dusting. You must be in a position to advise clients on how they can maintain the upholstery even in your absence.

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