The Power of Straighter Smiles with Discreet Orthodontics in Weybridge

a woman with her dentistMany people fail to realise that their mouth and jaws have a great influence on their lives that extends beyond aesthetics and self-worth. Healthy, properly aligned teeth and jaws avoid the consequences of misaligned teeth, which can be quite severe. These include tooth decay, tooth loss and jaw problems. Luckily, orthodontics can help with the use of modern, discreet and effective treatments.

In recent years, the number of people who think that orthodontics is simply an elective dental treatment has decreased and more and more people seek orthodontics in Weybridge. Dentists such as Weybridge Orthodontics offer discreet and powerful treatments such as Incognito and Invisalign, which can transform a patient’s smile without anyone realising that they are undergoing treatment. Discreet orthodontics in Weybridge are also popular among professionals who want to keep attention away from their teeth.


Invisalign was introduced back in the 1990s and gradually gained popularity. In recent years, it has come to be one of the most popular discreet teeth straightening treatments for adults who wish to reposition their moderately misaligned teeth and bites. This treatment consists of a series of aligners, which are customised to fit snugly but firmly over each patient’s teeth. Invisalign can improve a patient’s bite, enhance their facial appearance and increase their chewing and biting ability. Moreover, Invisalign aligners are removable and can be taken out if needed.


Incognito is an innovative teeth straightening treatment that combines the invisibility of Invisalign aligners and the powerful mechanics of regular braces. Incognito braces are affixed to the teeth just like regular braces, but there is a twist – instead of being attached to the front of the teeth, they hide behind the teeth, opposite the tongue. For this reason, they are also known as lingual braces. Incognito braces are custom-made and are glued separately on each tooth to ensure that maximum movement is achieved. Once fitted, they can treat many dental problems, including serious alignment issues that Invisalign aligners cannot address. Incognito orthodontics in Weybridge are effective, offer consistent results and can be used by a wide range of people – children and adults alike.

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