woman attaching her invisalign

Tooth-Straightening Made Easy

Here is a solution to many people’s tooth alignment issues that is easy to manage, fits in with busy life schedules, and is discreet. Invisalign. There are many benefits in choosing Invisalign braces over traditional braces. This newer style of brace has taken the world by storm. It allows people to have straighter teeth without the worry of feeling self-conscious about wearing metal braces. Leybourne Invisalign braces are as the word implies, practically invisible. Many people will never suspect that the wearer is using braces at all. Invisalign braces are removable, thin, clear plastic aligners. They gradually move teeth without the need for metal brackets or wires, by applying light pressure to teeth that need moving. Some teeth are moved before others during treatment. Every case is unique, and every set of Invisalign braces is different.

How long should Invisalign aligners be worn for?

Many people across the UK are wearing Invisalign. In Leybourne for example One Smile Oral Care has many patients enjoying Invisalign aligners. The braces are removable and should be taken out for eating and cleaning. They can removed for special occasions such as a wedding, photoshoot, interview or situation where the patient would feel more comfortable without their braces in. It is very important that patients are aware that removing their aligners for too long can hinder their tooth straightening progress. This in turn can mean extra costs and a longer treatment time overall.

Is there just one set of aligners?

The aligners are created from tooth impressions taken from the patient. Each patient will get a few sets of aligners which have been manufactured to a high standard. They should be changed every 7-10 days for the next set in the series. Patients should change aligners when they begin to feel comfortable, as if there is no longer pressure being applied. On changing the aligners, they will feel new pressure points that will start to work. At the beginning of treatment with Invisalign, Leybourne patients receive all of the aligners needed to take them from where they are to their new straight teeth. This means patients can see their treatment progress from beginning to end before they start.

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