The Top Design Trends for Homes in Australia in 2018

Australia home designs in 2018 will become more innovative with sustainability in mind, including architectural styles that will use organic shapes and eco-friendly materials.

If you plan to build a house with a hidden prep kitchen, Altro explains that the use of internal cavity sliding doors will be a good option. More Australians want a separate space from the main kitchen, where chores such as dishwashing and garbage collection can be done out of sight.

Long-Term Architectural Trends

Architects believe that the emergence of sustainable trends for home designs will be a long-term occurrence, instead of merely becoming a fad. Therefore, natural materials will be more in-demand, while more homeowners will prefer prefab home construction.

In terms of aesthetics, circles and curves for a home’s façade will be more mainstream this year. Some designers have taken on this approach for maximising space in small areas. A circular and curvy design also let the property blend well with the environment. As home prices in Australia continue to be expensive, another design trend for 2018 will include simple yet functional design for small homes.

Vacation Homes

Unique designs for tiny homes will not only be common for private households, but also for vacation properties. Singapore-based Big Tiny has launched several sustainable houses across Australia for travellers.

Big Tiny co-founder Adrian Chia said that their homes are designed to have a smaller carbon footprint due to the use of solar electricity, while water resources depend on a rainwater collection system. Depending on the model, up to four people can stay in each tiny house. Chia said that they intend to use mostly wooden furniture to improve the sustainable appeal.

Architects and interior designers will likely notice an increase in billings this year for sustainable homes in Australia, as more people want to save on costs and be more self-conscious on preserving natural resources.

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