To Live on Middle-Earth: Why New Zealand Can Be Your Next Great Home

Want to start afresh in a different country? How about Middle-earth? If you think this place is just a figment of JRR Tolkien’s mind, think again. It actually exists, but without Sauron and his minions, and it’s as modern and developed as the next first world country. Its official name is New Zealand.

Buying property in NZ to settle down is open to foreigners. You can even make the process simpler by hiring the services of a Maori land lawyer who can help you navigate the country’s rules and regulations, especially pertaining to foreign acquisition of New Zealand land.

Here are the other rewards awaiting those who would make New Zealand their new home:

An endless supply of tourist spots

You won’t have to fly to other countries anymore just to experience swimming in spectacular beaches, hiking up scenic trails, or climbing a volcano. New Zealand has it all.

A diverse culture

While it’s working on strengthening its indigenous Maori culture, it has also supported the cultures of other people who have made the land their own as well. You will never feel out of place here regardless of where you came from.

Lower population density

It’s a beloved joke about New Zealand having more sheep than people, but that is a reality that the locals are proud of because they don’t have the problem of overpopulation. Most of the scenic nature there remains untouched and there’s practically enough space for everyone.

Pleasant climate

You can expect long, warm summers and mild winters here. Definitely nothing extreme, which is perfect for the outdoors adventurist.

And these are just a few of the great things that New Zealand has to offer. Discovering them yourself when you settle there is the start of your own adventure.

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