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The WHY of Your Event

When planning a live corporate event, it’s important to know who is invited, what the event is about and where and when it will take place.

But it is also important to consider why the corporate event is being held.

Often times, the instinctive answer is, “Well, we always do events like this.”

That’s not a very good answer.

And we know there’s a better answer… even if we have to help you find it.

At ADM Productions, we feel it is vitally important to determine the “why” of your corporate event early in the process. That way, we can tailor all of your event’s messaging to align to that reason.

If your company is facing a lot of changes, your event’s “why” is to prepare your team for upcoming transitions. If you are celebrating top performers, the “why” is to demonstrate how much you value your people. Some “why’s” are inspirational, some are motivational, some are informational. In each case, the reason behind the event should inform every detail at the event.

That means that your “why” should come through in your pre-event corporate communications. It should be crystal clear in the creative at your event. And the messaging should continue with additional reinforcement after the event has ended.

Let ADM Productions help you find the “why” of your next live event; reach out to them at sales@admproductions.com, or call them at 1.800.ADM.DIAL.

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