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5 Ways to Use Natural Wood for That Minimalist Look

These days, it’s all about minimalism and functional interior styling using materials with neutral tones and natural materials. Live edge slabs offer both, creating a style that’s full of warmth and pizzazz.

Style 1: Hand Railing

Cut a portion of a slab to get the size and length that you need to use it as a hand railing. It gives the utilitarian look of the stairway that much-needed oomph and instantly gives the space an aesthetic lift. It’s a simple solution to make this unattended portion of the house the TLC it needs and a place that looks effortlessly chic and natural.

Style 2: A Wheeled Low Bench

Create a utility bench that can be used as a center table, a long side table, an open shelf, or even a snack trolley. This versatile piece is easy to make; you just need a slab of live edge wood, caster wheels, and some wood finishing that will give it a more polished and finished look. The minimalist style of this movable piece of furniture lends a fuss-free, easy-going, and functional look to any interior styling.

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Style 3: A Headboard

Whether you’re going for a quirky, rustic, or industrial look, using slabs of live edge wood is the best way to achieve any of these looks. The best thing about using this material is it lends a natural warmth and a cozy vibe to the bedroom design, creating a more comfortable and relaxing ambiance. It also works well with any color of beddings and blends seamlessly well with the entire look of the space.

Style 4: A Countertop

Make your breakfast countertop stand out using a live edge slab. The free-form and natural shape of the wood adds a warm and welcoming effect to an otherwise utilitarian space. It’s the perfect natural element to incorporate in this busy room in your home and it gives off a vibe that makes the area feel more relaxing.

In addition, it can serve as a cool tabletop to enjoy home prepped meals. It also makes the perfect backdrop for your food blogging photo op.

Style 5: As Art

Go modern yet minimalist all the way using large live edge slabs as an art piece. Combine three slabs to make a single set piece and see how it can transform your space immediately. It’s elegant, sleek, stylish, and quirky. It makes for an interesting design piece that’s minimalist yet packs a lot of style and personality. The natural appeal of wood combined with the modern styling idea makes it the ultimate wall art you need to elevate the look of your space.

Using wood to design your home gives it a more relaxing and warm ambiance. It gives off a welcoming vibe and a completely modern stylish look that doesn’t make a room look cramped and overcrowded. It’s large enough to be noticeable but doesn’t look too bulky or obtrusive. This makes it the quintessential modern minimalist décor that you need to improve your home interior style right now.

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