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This Is What Happens During Dental Surgery

Are you in need of a maxillofacial procedure but are nervous and worried about what the procedure might entail? Every day, there are hundreds of dentists performing oral surgery in Salt Lake City. They can range from major ones, such as fixing a jaw-related problem to minor ones such as extracting a wisdom tooth. Here is what you should expect from the surgery:

It’s going to be painful

Most surgeries are painful. If a part of your body has been cut open and exposed, you can expect to feel some pain. But teeth are especially sensitive, and a lot of people find toothaches unbearable. If you have ever experienced excruciating toothaches, you should know that surgery pain is hardly as bad. It will go away after a few days, and your dentist will prescribe you painkillers for relief.

You will have to fast before the surgery

You are very likely to get some form of anesthesia for your surgery. If you get general anesthesia, you cannot eat anything for 24 hours before the surgery. This is to prevent you from choking if you throw up when you are put under, which is something that happens often. Even if you get local anesthesia, you cannot eat anything for at least a few hours before the surgery takes place. After the surgery, you can only drink liquids. After a day, you can begin to eat soft food.

You may have to arrange for transport

If your surgery is going to be a quick procedure and if you are going to be released after, you should arrange for someone to pick you up and drop you off from the dentist’s office. This is because you will be groggy during the recovery period, and it will not be safe for you to drive. Taking public transport is also going to be highly inconvenient during this time, as well as risky, because you will expose yourself to all kinds of germs.

Hospitalization might be necessary

woman having a dental surgery

Usually, a regular tooth extraction or implant will only take a couple of hours of recovery time, and then you will be good to go home. But a more complex procedure such as jaw correction or tumor removal might require hospitalization, ranging from overnight to two to three days. You may also have to be hospitalized if some kind of complication results from the surgery, such as an infection.

Expect to be in recovery for a month

The initial pain following the surgery should wear off within a week. The first 48 hours are going to be crucial as this is when complications can arise and infections can set in. After that, the area will be healing and sore to the touch. You will have to follow strict hygiene and stick to the doctor’s instruction during this time. It will generally take about a month for you to heal from a surgery.

It’s completely natural to feel apprehensive about unknown procedures. Knowing all these things will hopefully ease your fears about the surgery. It is a difficult experience, but with the right support, it’s possible to get through it.

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