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Tips on Selling Accessories and Jewelry Online

More consumers are now turning to the Internet to buy anything, so it’s important for retailers to have a presence online to reach this market. Setting up an online accessories shop is more than just creating a website and posting products. Given the increasing number of businesses all vying for the attention of online shoppers, e-retailers need to up their creative game to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re not confident about your skills yet, there are jewelry photo retouching services that can help make your products stand out and shine.

E-commerce sites like Etsy and Shopify are a treasure trove of unique accessories for sale, but that’s also where the challenge lies for online sellers. How do you get your target market’s attention amidst everyone else’s photos? Merchandising and visual design experts mention these five creative ways to stand out in a saturated market:

Create your own niche

Don’t just sell what everybody else is selling. Instead of going for display volume and posting every accessory or piece of jewelry possible, practice curating your pieces and choosing only those that are unique. Shoppers don’t look online for items that they can already find everywhere else. They are searching for something that’s different and stands out.

It doesn’t matter if you only have 10 pieces on display. By carving your own look and brand online, you can expect customers to come and refer your pieces to their friends.

Publish well directed and high-resolution photos

Because there is hardly any one-to-one interaction online, you must invest in really good photography for your jewelry pieces and accessories. Visuals are the only way to catch your market’s attention and to connect with them so that all the strengths of each item you sell should be highlighted through photos.

Don’t just take a picture of the product laid out on a table. Create relatable scenes and place your accessories in context. If you’re selling a ring, try taking a photo of a model holding a cup of coffee while looking out the window.

Wear some of the jewelry you sell or get somebody else to wear them

Similar to placing products in context, wearing your pieces gives them a relatable feature, which makes for a stronger convincing factor. If you’re shy about posting your photos online, you can partner with an online influencer or a stylish friend who likes to take “Instagrammable” photos.

Develop a photography style that’s unique to your brand

Some online jewelry shops get more followers than the others because of the way they take photos of their products. You can choose to have bright colors and backgrounds as your signature photo style or go with muted tones and “clean” setups. Whatever you choose, it’s best to stick to this style so that customers will recognize your brand if they see the photos anywhere else.

Use the right tags


Online retail is also all about using the right tags and keywords so that your items come up on online searches. When posting photos, be sure to include all the details that a customer might ask. It’s a big no-no to post cryptic messages that will force your potential clients to send you a private message to ask for pricing, colors, and other details.

Of course, even if you have stellar photos and beautiful products, all that effort will be put to waste if you don’t pay attention to the comments and messages about your pieces. Be sure to reply promptly to inquiries and communicate with your market well, so you won’t get complaints about customer service.

People who buy jewelry and accessories online will naturally have a lot of questions about your product. That said, you should include all the details in every photo description or social media post to minimize inquiries. If questions do come, be sure to reply to them promptly, politely, and professionally.

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