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Understanding the Options for Orthodontics in Harley Street

Orthodontics in Harley Street can be applied at any age. There are now options that suit the growing child or teenager as well as adults. Although each group might have different priorities when it comes to their teeth-straightening needs, all of them can benefit from modern orthodontic options.

When someone talks to their dentist about teeth straightening, they usually have a primary goal in mind. This is often an aesthetic one, but pain-relief is also a common goal of orthodontics in Harley Street. It is the dentist’s job to interpret information provided by the patient and make recommendations based on their priorities. There are also usually clinical indicators as to whether one treatment might be more suitable than another, but these can also be explained to the patient in a clear and concise way.

When it comes to teeth-straightening equipment, people often want the best, most discreet method that works for their issue. Some of the potential options are discussed below.


This is a popular teeth-straightening method for adults and teenagers alike. It involves clear aligners that slip over the tops of the teeth and sit securely against them. They do not move around when people talk, and they are clear so that they are practically invisible. They do a great job of realigning the teeth with minimal impact on the overall look.

Clear braces

Fixed braces are still a thing even in the modern world of orthodontics in Harley Street. This doesn’t mean they haven’t had a revamp of their own. Many patients can now consider the idea of clear, fixed braces. These are low profile and they are made of materials that are sympathetic to the look of the teeth. They do not have quite the same level of invisibility as Invisalign but once fitted, they do not require the patient to do much else except keep them clean and visit the dentist regularly.

Lingual braces

These are fixed but they are on the backs of the teeth. This means that they are completely invisible to an onlooker and so they are the equipment of choice for patient’s whose top priority is discretion.

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