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Tips on Caring for Dental Implants

More and more people now are investing in dental implants in Melbourne, but what is the best way of looking after them? With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, so it is worth making a bit of effort to look after them properly.

When being fitted with dental implants in Melbourne, the dental staff should give tips on the best way to look after the implants. At practices such as High Dental Implants Melbourne, the implant dentist and their staff are well-versed in advising patients on how best to care for their implants.

Implant cleaning tips

Different types of dental implants in Melbourne benefit from different cleaning techniques. Implants-supported dentures that can be removed should be cleaned once removed, making the job easier.

Cleaning single tooth implants

Single tooth implants are the simplest to clean, as they can be treated just like a normal tooth. Brushing twice a day and flossing, as well as regular visits to a hygienist, will keep the implant, as well as other teeth, healthy. It is a good idea make sure the hygienist is aware of the implant so they can adjust their treatment plan accordingly.

Cleaning multiple tooth implants

Anyone who has multiple tooth dental implants in Melbourne, including All-on-four implants, will need to be a bit more careful about looking after them. Brushing with a soft brush and non-abrasive toothpaste twice daily is important, making sure to manoeuvre the brush all around the implant. Interdental brushes can be useful to access harder-to-reach areas. Flossing is useful, but consult with a dentist or hygienist on the best product and technique.

Gum disease and smoking cessation

For patients with dental implants in Melbourne, it is still possible to get gum disease if the implants, gums and any remaining teeth are not looked after properly. Dentists will always encourage patients not to smoke, as it can have several adverse effects on the mouth, teeth and gums. Some dentists refuse to fit implants to patients who smoke.

For smokers and non-smokers alike, it is important to have implants checked regularly. A hygienist can set up a special treatment plan to help with keeping up good hygiene.

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