Ways Busy Female Millennials Can Handle Home Maintenance

More women these days are working harder than ever to achieve their life goals. Many were able to make a name for themselves in their career of choice. Some are even able to acquire their own homes. More single millennial women are now homeowners compared to their male counterparts. But how can one keep up with home maintenance if your hectic schedule permits little-to-no time for home upkeep?

The following are just two ways you can tackle home maintenance even if you're a busy homeowner.

Schedule home upkeep around your busy schedule

One way to handle home maintenance is to keep an annual checklist. Divide maintenance tasks per season and make it a point to set aside time to handle each task. Don't forget that there is a need to maintain both the interior and exterior of your home. This is to retain as much of its value as possible, eradicate safety issues and ensure your comfort and of those living with you, if any.

Aside from having a seasonal home maintenance schedule, there is also a need to keep a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and biannual maintenance checklist. Your weekly tasks can include regular sweeping, dusting, mopping, getting rid of clutter, and mowing your lawn. For your monthly maintenance tasks, this can involve cleaning your garbage disposal and changing your HVAC filters. Your quarterly home maintenance tasks can be testing your detectors and running water in unused bathrooms. As for your biannual tasks, you can do a deep clean, hire technicians to check on your appliances and systems, and other once-a-year maintenance jobs.

Be open to hiring the pros

professional technician

Check which home maintenance tasks require the services of the pros. Don't attempt to DIY everything, especially if you don't have the time to tackle a project. Sure, DIY projects can save you money as you only need to pay for the materials and provide the tools needed to complete the project. But know that you can have that peace of mind knowing a pro is taking care of home repairs for you.

For instance, you found that your asphalt driveway now has cracks and holes. When it is time for your driveway's sealcoating, it would be best to hire the experts than to ask a neighbor or friend to do it for you. The pro's labor may cost you money, but you are paying for a licensed and insured service which will further put your mind and wallet at ease.

Keep a maintenance logbook

Whether your next project is home maintenance or improvement, you will find that documenting each one will be worth it. For one, the next technician will have an easier time handling repairs if you kept a record of your previous HVAC maintenance. You can easily keep track of the last time you replaced your appliances or even your water heater. A home maintenance record can even help you once you start selling your home so you can firm up your selling price.

Home maintenance is one task no homeowner should take for granted. It does not matter if you are a busy female millennial who just recently bought your first home. If you wish to keep your home in tip-top shape, maintain its safety, leverage your home warranty, and keep your expenses to a minimum, then it pays to keep up with your home maintenance duties.

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