What’s Making Your House Look Unkempt and Dated?

It seems that all we do all day is to clean and fix the house. This is especially true if there are little kids running around. It always feels messy—toys are scattered on the floor, and the countertops are sticky. And then there are these little basic things around your house that make it look messier than usual.

Unwashed Windows

Homeowners always forget about their windows. If the windows are grimy and dirty, the whole house (especially from the outside) looks dirty, too. Call a window washing company in Seattle. You can also make it a habit to wash your windows at least once every month (or twice, if you can). Scrubbing it with soapy water before rinsing it will do the trick.

Dirty Dishes

Unwashed dishes piling in the sink will make your house look messier than usual. This is very simple. All you have to do is to wash the dishes after you’re finished with them. There’s no extraordinary trick about keeping your sink clean and dry. Make space on your countertop for a drying rack. Once the plates are dry, move them into their respective cabinets and drawers.

Grimy Sinks

Sure, you have washed the dishes, and the sink “looks” clean. But grimy and scummy sinks are another matter. If there are white streaks on your sinks, whether metal or porcelain, they can make that whole area of your house look unkempt and dirty. Clean it with warm soap and water, then sprinkle the entire sink with baking soda. Rinse after a few minutes. Do the same with your bathroom sink.

Unmade Beds

unmade bed

People who make their beds are more disciplined and have better time management. This leads to success. It has also been suggested that they sleep better when the sheets are clean, ironed, and folded. Make a habit of making your bed after you wake up. It’s such an easy thing to accomplish, but you’ll end up feeling really good after.

Sticky Floor

Your kid spills orange juice on the floor. Naturally, you’ll try to remove any remnants of it. But your children are fighting over a toy, so you try mediating peace first. You forget all about the spilled juice. Now, you have a sticky floor, and toys are everywhere. It might take you hours from your day to clean it up. Clean and pick up whatever you have dropped on the floor. In the morning, vacuum your floor. Consider it your morning exercise.

Cluttered Countertops and Dining Table

Everyone has that table in their houses that is the dumping zone for everything—bags, notebooks, phones, pens, etc. Don’t let it get out of hand. Soon, you won’t even have space to prepare your dinner. Find a new place that you can dump your stuff on. Get a hook for your car keys. Get a small bin for the magazines and paperbacks. Everything in your house should have its own place.

Keeping your home sparkling clean requires commitment and discipline. Doing little things every day such as wiping the countertops and picking up litter from the floor will make things look more organized. Make cleaning a daily habit, and not just something you do during the weekend when you have time.

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