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When a Mother-to-be Moves Houses: Make Moving a Stress-free Experience

Most soon-to-be-parents move houses to gain more space to raise their children. Pregnancy is one factor that motivates couples to move into a bigger and more spacious home. But moving can also be a stressful and tiring experience, more so for the expecting mother.

From finding a new GP to figuring out how to pack your things, there are plenty of considerations if you plan to move houses while pregnant. Before you start packing your bags or hiring a home removal company, consider the following.

Avoid Stress by Planning Everything Ahead of Time

Expectant mothers must be relaxed most of the time, if not always. Moving homes can raise your stress levels, which is why you should plan now to avoid doing so.

Create checklists so you won’t leave anything behind and write to-do lists so that you’ll know what to pack. Also, be realistic with your deadlines. Packing everything in just two to three days is nearly impossible. Instead, plot out the days you can pack without a sense of rush or urgency.

Planning makes moving more predictable. The more predictable your move is, the less anxiety and stress you’ll deal with when moving day arrives.

Find a Reliable Doctor Nearby

If you are moving long-distance, search for a doctor close to your home. Go online and search for a potential GP using the NHS Service Finder.  If you are moving homes in the same city, ask your current doctor for a recommendation that is convenient for your new address.

If you are moving close to family or friends, seek their recommendation for doctors in the area. Friends with children will recommend a doctor who can help you stay healthy during and after your move.

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Label All of Your Boxes for a Quick Unpacking

Pregnancy impacts not only your body but your mind, as well. You might feel that you’ve packed all of your belongings but there will always be a missed item here and there.

To avoid these mishaps, label all your boxes with their contents and plan where to put them in the new house. Doing so simplifies the tracking of items, as well as the unpacking process.

Take Some Time Off Before Moving Day

As moving day approaches, don’t forget to give yourself time to rest. Set aside packing for a while and spend time resting or catching up on sleep. Go for a walk or unwind with prenatal exercises like yoga.

The majority of your months have been allotted for your moving day. Instead of spending every waking hour worrying about the move, give yourself and the baby a break.

Bring Your Pregnancy Essentials on Moving Day

Pack an essentials box to ensure your first night in the new home is more manageable. Bring your pregnancy essentials box or bag with you in the car so you can easily grab what you need. From your favourite food to body pillows, pack some snacks and other must-haves.

The key to a stress-free moving day is preparation. Start preparing today so you can make moving day a more adventurous open to your new life as a mother.

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