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Why You Should Consider a White Gold Setting When Buying a Ring

If you are looking to buy a gorgeous ring to spoil the love of your life, you can go with rings. These are timeless pieces of jewelry that are both practical and symbolic. For couples who are getting married, buying white gold wedding rings and a promise ring for her is a symbol of love and fidelity. At the same time, white gold rings are stunning accessories that can be worn every day or on special occasions.

We have listed down everything you need to know about white gold rings to help you make the best decision for your bride-to-be or yourself.

What Is White Gold?

White gold is an alloy containing varying amounts of gold and other metals. Although white gold is real, it is not 100% made of gold. It typically contains up to 75% of gold, and this is what makes white gold more favorable than gold itself. The presence of the other metals helps strengthen the gold and increases its durability for crafting jewelry. The most common white metals forming white gold alloy are nickel, platinum, palladium, and manganese.

Sometimes, zinc, silver, and copper are added, although it is not ideal because some of these can form harmful colored oxides in the air or on the skin. You can discover white gold’s purity through karats, similar to yellow gold. The content of gold it contains is stamped into the metal, ranging from 10K to 18K.

The Properties of White Gold

man inspecting a ringYou can determine the properties of white gold, depending on its composition. Its shiny exterior is due to its coating of rhodium metal plating, typically applied to all kinds of white gold jewelry. Without this coating, white gold can exhibit colors ranging from dull brown to pale pink. Another type of plating that can be applied to white gold is a platinum alloy, alongside ruthenium, iridium, or cobalt to improve its hardness.

White gold that contains a significant amount of nickel exhibits the closest white color, and because of this, nickel white gold does not require coating or plating with rhodium for color. Other gold alloys can provide additional shades of gold that include red, green, or blue.

Advantages of White Gold Over Platinum and Yellow Gold

Aside from being the most popular alternative to gold, yellow, silver, and platinum, it has several advantages over platinum and yellow gold, including:

  • Platinum is less malleable than white gold, meaning that white gold is easier to transform into delicate and intricate designs.
  • White gold is less expensive than platinum.
  • Unlike yellow gold, white gold does not easily rust, tarnish, or corrode.
  • White gold alloys are lighter than platinum, making it the perfect setting for those who don’t like to wear heavy rings.
  • It contains more durable metal alloys than yellow gold, making it more robust and scratch-resistant.
  • The white gold’s clean white sheen makes it perfect for accentuating any diamond’s brilliance, unlike the yellow gold.
  • It’s a Good Investment

Gold is more widely traded and invested in than platinum and other variations. That’s why getting white gold rings is the best financial choice because it is easier to sell than most alloys.

If you are looking for class and elegance in a ring, choose the white gold setting. It gives you a sophisticated ring minus the exorbitant cost, making it the perfect choice for engagement and wedding rings.

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