Dental Implants

When Can Dental Implants Be Deemed as Absolutely Necessary?

Dental ImplantsFor those who have lost several teeth, it’s no longer new to hear the dentist suggests dental implants as a solution. These fixtures that look like your real teeth can offer more benefits other than being able to smile again. But when are they necessary?

When the Tooth Can No Longer Be Saved – In most cases, when the tooth absolutely needs to be extracted, dental implants are the most viable solution. It easily beats dentures since they are permanently fixed into one’s jaw and gums and can function just like a real tooth.

To Supports False Teeth – There are times when dentures are preferred by the patient. Unfortunately, dentures still require a place to hook or affix itself for proper use. A dentist like Glenlake Dental Care will then attach one or two dental implants onto the patient’s gums to hold their false teeth in place.

<strong”>To Keep Your Teeth Even – Teeth, when space is provided between them, will have a tendency to move, incline or go out of its way to filling the gap. By installing dental implants, your teeth will stay standing straight and in their original positions.

For Reducing Jawbone DamageTooth extraction can eventually expose the jaw bone to the same bacteria and material that have initially destroyed your extracted teeth. Over time, your jawbone, which is also made out of calcium can break down and cause more oral complications which may lead to surgery. Dental implants reduce the chances of possible damage to your jaw.

To Retain Your Facial Structure – The loss of several teeth and the possible damage to one’s jaw bone can affect the shape of your face. To keep your mouth even and your face’s shape intact, dental implants are professionally installed by a dentist into the open areas left by the lost teeth.

If your dentist has suggested dental implants for you, don’t put it off. Holding off such a procedure can mean further damage to your mouth, gums, jaw and teeth. The operation may cost you more in the future if you delay.

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