Which Stove Should You Pick – Electric or Gas?

StoveNo kitchen is complete without a stove. However, what kind should you buy? It is actually a choice between two types: gas and electric. Both have their own pros and cons, so the better one depends entirely on your personal needs.

Every homeowner faces the decision between these two stove types. Before you pick one, it is best to know the qualities each one offers:

Gas Stoves

The biggest advantage to using gas is that it is simply better to cook with. There is a reason almost all professional chefs prefer to use gas stoves and ovens. You get an immediate, constant flame that you can easily adjust, and the heat cooks food much more evenly. Homeowners that love to spend time in the kitchen will definitely appreciate the difference.

Gas cooktops in NZ are also more cost-efficient if your home already has a gas line. Over the long-term, this amounts to major energy savings. Finally, you will not have to worry about not being able to cook during a power outage.

Electric Stoves

Many homeowners love how easy to clean an electric stove is when compared with a gas one. Electric stoves are also significantly less expensive. When you consider that you will not have to install a gas line, too, if you do not have one yet, the immediate cost savings are definitely attractive.

Safety is a bit of a mixed bag; not having an open flame means that it is less likely to burn someone or something by accident, but a still-hot electric element is not very obvious to the naked eye compared to actual fire.

Lastly, electric stoves take up less space and can even double as a counter when not in use, making electric stoves great for amateur cooks with smaller kitchens.

You need to consider a number of factors when purchasing a stove and ensure that what you buy fits your lifestyle.

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