Cool Alternatives: Keep Your Drinks Chilled Without Ice

Drinks in Australia Ice is important for every party. Without it, your experience in drinking any beverage will not be enjoyable. When you forget to prepare a ready set of ice to use for the party, you can come up with other alternatives. With a few hours left before the guests arrive, you need a quick solution to keep your drinks chilled.

Before you look for quality ice machines in Australia, GMR.com.au shares a few alternatives you can try:

Frosted Grapes

Who knew grapes can be an alternative to ice? It is not just for garnishing your drinks, as you can make them as a functional ice replacement. Simply put your grapes in the freezer and wait for it to develop a frosty crust. When it is as hard as ice, you can drop each grape into a glass. Not only does it make your drink cold, it also does not water down the experience. It may also add an interesting flavor to your other drinks. You can simply eat them after you drink your beverage for an added kick.

Glasses Ready

You cannot expect a store bought drink to be instantly cold unless you got them in the fridge section. It will also not be chilly with only a few hours of staying in your fridge. What you can do to speed up the process is wrap the bottle in wet paper towel or cloth. The wrapper gets cold faster. As it is in direct contact with the bottle, it can help release the heat quickly. Put the glasses you will use inside the refrigerator, so your drink is chilled from the glass to the liquid.

You do not have to look for an alternative when you get yourself an ice machine at home. Search for quality ice machines and get a steady supply of cool rocks for your drinks.

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