Holyday Gift Ideas

Gamers and Techies Would Appreciate These Holiday Gift Ideas

Holyday Gift IdeasYuletide season is coming, and one of our great dilemmas is thinking of gift ideas which we could give techies and gamers alike. Some worry about their ideas not being appreciated, as one may be alien to the hobbies of these kinds of people.

Furthermore, one might be afraid of buying them an item, say, giving a gamer a copy of a game the latter already owns. So here are the top five holiday gift ideas to give gamers and techies.

1. Game controllers or accessories

A specialized, themed, or custom controller is less likely to be bought by a gamer when he is into collecting as much games possible, or when he is busy downloading DLCs and expansions. However, a gamer might truly appreciate it if given an extra controller which can be used alternately or for multiplayer or co-op modes.

2. Board game adaptations of famous video games

Worried to buy a game which a gamer might already own? Then board games would be the perfect thing to give as a Holiday present. It is less likely for a gamer to buy a board game when he is into video gaming. Nevertheless, a hardcore gamer would really appreciate a board game adaptation of his favorite game which could be added to his collection.

3. Random IT accessories

While gifts such as mugs, towels, socks, and random household items serves like a Holiday cliché, why not upgrade it to the more useful, timely ones? Perhaps one would really appreciate receiving a random flash drive, hard drive, or perhaps you can buy a Cisco sfp-10g-sr from OptDex.com to supplement a techie’s IT hardware arsenal.

4. Gaming action figures

Buying a dedicated and hardcore gamer a commemorative statue, figurine, or an action figure of his favorite game would truly be a treasured gift, as you would somehow bring into reality his passion in that alternate cyber world in which he lives in as he lays his hands on the controllers.

5. Ultimate Edition packages

It has been in the bandwagon of huge gaming industries and big gaming titles to not only offer the game itself, but to include with it some enjoyable themed items in a single package. Often times, ultimate edition of games include a commemorative statue, the game’s official soundtrack, poster, art books, metal cases, and themed accessories. It is like giving a gamer an ultimate gaming experience.

With this list, gifting your gamer and techie buddies will be a walk in the park.

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